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  • Virginie Mondiere

Reiki Hanami

Reach your own natural well-being

Hanami: Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers

Welcome !

I am professional in helping relationship - and therapeutic support,
with an approach based on the practice of traditional Japanese Reiki,
a natural practice of sustainable well-being.

This practice is accessible to everyone regardless of their origins, culture or age.


It is entirely based on the natural functioning of the human being.
It is in no way related to a belief or a magical thought and does not replace any medical treatment.


However your difficulties are expressed, traditional Reiki allows you to transform them.

Indeed, the experience of deep relaxation combined with meditative touch helps

to untie tensions and blockages in the body and/or in the mind.

As you go through the sessions, you distance yourself from your difficulties.

You (re)connect your own resources to live better every day, which makes it sustainable.


Reiki :
for whom ?


Reiki :
what for ?

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your practitioner






I accompany you on your personal journey,

at your own pace, in full respect of your choices and decisions.

It is a practice of autonomy:

you have all the answers and resources in him/her-self to get better.

Its benefits

  • Better stress management

  • A natural relaxation of body and mind

  • A new personal impulse leading to personal fulfilment (family, work ..)

  • An accompaniment to diseases to improve physical and psychic comfort, in addition and with agreement of the medical body,

  • Better management of anxiety and distress

Sierentz, Haut-Rhin