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  • Virginie Mondiere

Conduct of a Reiki session

The individual Reiki session lasts one hour. It is composed of 3 phases:

  • an interview allowing the practitioner and the patient to agree on the terms of the session and on the work that will be done.

  • the relaxation part where the patient lies down while staying dressed, closes his/her eyes and doesn’t do anything. The practitioner performs a specific meditation work while touching specific points of the body of the patient in a light and fixed way (head, shoulders, stomach, legs). Gradually, the work of the practitioner triggers a deep meditative relaxation by the patient who settles in its depth and accesses his/her natural solving potentials.

  • A final interview: because the session helps the psychological maturation of the difficulties, the patient may want to speak about his/her experience at the end of the session. The practitioner supports the patient moving towards his/her well-being, according to the blockages expressed by him.

Then the patient decides independently the frequency of the possible next sessions.