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  • Virginie Mondiere

In company

Because the health of your company is directly linked to the well-being of your employees.

Troubles related to the stress of your employees affect the smooth running of your business: demotivation, absenteeism, decreased productivity, degradation of the image of the company, surplus costs related to staff turnover, etc.

It is possible to prevent these difficulties using deep relaxation sessions of 30 minutes on site in the company.

Based on the union of relaxation and meditation with a fixed and light touch, this method of accompaniment

recognized by the WHO, allows people to transform their difficulties and reach their well-being.

It relieves the tensions / blockages inherent to stress.
It improves the management of stress and its symptoms (tiredness, anxiety, self-confidence, somatic pain ...).
It promotes the emergence of their own well-being.


This way, you help make your business a place for professional and productive growth.

Modalities of intervention:

  • • I go to your business site (in Haut-Rhin, Basel town or Basel region), I just need a quiet room and 2 chairs.
    • Duration: 45 minutes in total per session per person

  • • The person stays dressed, lies on his/her back and has nothing to do.
    • During this time, I place my hands with a fixed and light touch on specific parts of the body (from the head to the feet) while being in meditation.
    This allows the person to be centered and to relax deeply.

  • The session lasts 30 minutes. However it is possible to discuss before and after about the expectations of the patient and the experience of relaxation, therefore the total duration of 45 minutes.

The modalities of intervention are the same.
Contact me to talk about it.

What is the Reiki practitioner:

• a professional of anti-stress and letting go
• a specialist in helping people to relax so that they are more self-aware and more balanced

• a practitioner of natural well-being and better living in a company

What a Reiki practitioner is NOT:

  • a medical or paramedical protagonist: the practice is in no way linked to medicine,

either conventional or unconventional
• a healer or similar. Reiki does not treat symptoms, nor does it enable to make diagnoses

• a massager (the touch used is not a massage).

for other communities

(hospital, retirement home, etc.)

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