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  • Virginie Mondiere

Reiki: for whom?

Reiki is a secular and agnostic practice.

It is moreover entirely based on the natural functioning of the human being.

It is thus addressed to any person wishing a practice of natural well-being:

children, adults, older people, independently of any culture, confession or conception of life.

Your practitioner intervenes for the following requests:
• against stress
• Personal ressourcement
• Relaxation of body and mind
• Psychosomatic (after verification and agreement of the doctor): backache, headache, stomach ache ...
• Pain and physical tension
• accompaniment to diseases to improve physical and psychic comfort, in addition and with agreement of the medical body,

• Better management of anxiety and distress


for individuals

a psychocorporal therapy to release blockages

for companies

Because the health of your company is directly related to the well-being of your employees