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  • Virginie Mondiere

Reiki: what for?

Traditional Reiki (which translation means "strength of mind") is a practice of Japanese origin,

entirely natural, based on the union of relaxation and meditation.
The term Reikibunseki® is a repository of business skills that refers to the practice provided

in professional form and certified by third party organizations.

This practice allows the person to go deep in him/her-self in order to tap into his/her resources and natural abilities

to cope with life difficulties which generate all kinds of discomfort (stress, emotions, somatization ...).

Reikibunseki® is not meant to work on medical symptoms.

It acts on the causes of the psychic and physical discomforts by helping psychological maturation of life difficulties,

thanks to the union of meditation and relaxation.

In this sense, Traditional Reikibunseki® is to be taken as a practice of prevention and hygiene of life.

Scope of Traditional Reiki

Traditional Reiki (ReikiBunseki®) is a practice of help and accompaniment,

allowing each person to access their natural potential to achieve personal fulfilment.


Classified by the French Federation of Traditional Reiki as unconventional, non-medical and therapeutic

(that is to say for natural well-being), Reiki is part of the field of

“Positive Mental Health” - non medical - as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO).

It responds to the demands of personal fulfillment, natural mental well-being that results in self-realization,

state of psychological well-being.

In fact, Reiki is NOT:
• a medical care (conventional or not), or a soft medicine, parallel, alternative, etc.
• a treatment of symptoms,
• psychoanalysis,
• a magic method, based on the new age or beliefs.


• Natural regulator (naturally stimulating one's daily energy)
• Mental calm allowing confidence and self-esteem
• Prevention, lifestyle (excellent against stress, abnormal fatigue, chronic anxiety, insomnia, anything related to somatization ...)
• Accompaniment of diseases (relief of pain and suffering)

Side effects

Since Reiki is a natural practice, it has no side effects.
However, the deep liberating physical relaxation can lead to certain reactions of the body and mind which disappear quickly after the session


• The patient  has not actively asked for the session (the request must come from him/her)
• Substitution to a physical and / or psychological illness
• Depression, psychotic and schizophrenic disorders, dissociation of personality